The Youth Group at Bethel Chapel is dedicated to showing Christ off to the children of Juniata, Kensington, and beyond. This is done by sharing the Gospel (“Good News”) of Salvation through Chirst alone and encouraging young Christians to live for Christ.

Meeting Times

We have three separate groups that meet on Friday nights throughout the school year from September through May*. These three groups are separated by…

  • Youth Group Club (7 – 8:30 PM): 1st through 3rd Grade. (6 years through 9 years)
  • Junior Youth Group (7 – 8:30PM): 4th through 6th Grade. (9 years through 12 years)
  • Senior Youth Group (8:40 – 10:30PM): 7th through 12th Grade (12 years through 18 years)

*During the summer, Senior Youth Group only meets a few times. These are announced through our Youth Group Facebook page.