We’d love to have you come visit, but we know you might have some questions:

What kind of church is this?

We are a Bible-teaching church. We are here to proclaim Jesus, to rejoice in His amazing forgiveness, and to obey His Word. By doing these things we are becoming joyful, satisfied, and faithful followers of Jesus.

What kind of people are here?

We are a group of imperfect people who have found unconditional acceptance, purpose in life, and a love for others through a relationship with Jesus.

The Bible says that in heaven there are people from different countries, races, and backgrounds so we want our church to be like that too. Although it might be easier, we don’t focus on getting just one type of people into our church. Jesus and the Bible are for everyone, we want our church to reflect the diversity of heaven and of our neighborhood.

What is the worship like?

At Bethel our worship isn’t about a certain style. It’s about focusing on who God is. We listen to the words of the songs, and think about God while we are singing. This fills us with joy because our God is so great and good. Our emotions come from the truth of what we’re singing, not just from the sound of the music.

Our worship is also centered on the truth of God’s Word. When you come, you’ll notice that most of the sermons in our church are verse-by-verse explanations of different parts of the Bible. That is because we want you to see what the Bible actually says. Studying the truth of God leads us to worship God with our lives all week long.