The Pastor’s Corner

The Pastor’s Corner2018-11-30T13:47:36-05:00

Are You a Type of Mephibosheth?

I want to share a lesser-known Bible story that will touch your heart. It is about a young man named Mephibosheth. I know that it can fill you with “encouragement” and “hope.”

Discovering Our Identity

Would you like to know what God says about your identity? You should, because when this life is over, His opinion is the only one that will matter.

Buffet Religion

Buffet restaurants have their advantages because you can pick out just the things you like. Buffet religion, on the other hand, is never a good idea.

Wickedness Won’t Win!

In my experience, the lawlessness we have witnessed has spawned a general feeling of uneasiness and even despair, especially among those of us who have not been rioting.

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