The Pastor’s Corner

The Pastor’s Corner2018-11-30T13:47:36-05:00

When Heaven Would be a Hell

For those who believe in life after death, I would guess that they all expect to wind up in heaven someday. I doubt that anybody is looking forward to suffering for all eternity. The problem is that heaven will [...]

What Happened to All the Christmas Joy?

I want to wish every one of you a joyful Christmas! I love the culture-wide emphasis on joy at this time of the year. Even though our land is becoming increasingly pagan, even though so many ignore the real [...]

How to Love Learning the Bible

SONY DSC I sold life insurance for several years right after I finished school. I soon learned that it wasn’t an easy job. When you think about it, it is more accurate to [...]

Why is Jesus Called a Son of God?

Christians often refer to God as “God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.” That is a correct statement, but at first glance, we might conclude that the “Son” came from the “Father.” That is understandable [...]

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