Bethel Chapel Church’s 2019 Calendar


9th Passover Dinner with Tom Huckel

10th Daylight Savings Time Begins

17th Church Safety Training (6pm)

30th Mother-Son Dinner


6th Like Arrows Parenting Movie

12th Jr. Youth Group Closing Program and Parent’s Dinner

15th-20th Week of Prayer and Media Fasting

19th Good Friday Service (7pm)

21st Easter Sunday

26-27th Art of Parenting Conference


4th Evangelism Training Conference (Willingboro, NJ)

11th Juniata Parade

12th Mother’s Day

19th Member’s Meeting (after morning service)


2nd Combined Shepherd Group Neighborhood Outreach

8th Church Prayer Breakfast and Workday (8:30am)

16th Father’s Day

24-28th Good News Club at the church (7pm)

30th Combined Shepherd Group Fellowship


15-20th Teenagers at the Wilds of NE

20th Combined Shepherd Group Neighborhood Outreach


(Prayer and Discipleship Month*)

4th Church Family Picnic

12-17th Family Camp at the Wilds of NC


1st Combined Shepherd Group Neighborhood Outreach

7th Bethel Chapel Open House

22nd Member’s Meeting (after morning service)

29th Combined Shepherd Group Fellowship


5th Church Workday (9:30am)

31st Halloween Outreach (6-8pm)


3rd Daylight Savings Time Ends

8-9th Men’s Retreat at Camp Calvary

28th Thanksgiving Praise Service (10:00am)


(Prayer and Discipleship Month*)

14th Combined Shepherd Group Neighborhood Outreach

15th Christmas Program (6pm)

24th Parranda (Neighborhood Christmas Caroling)

31st New Year’s Eve Service

January (2020)

29th Church Annual Business Meeting

(*Prayer and Discipleship Months: no Bible Training Hour or Shepherd Group)